3 Ideas To Decorate Your Home With Candles

If you live in an apartment or a small space there are two design challenges you most likely face: poor lighting and clutter. These are two challenges that Scandinavian interior design demolishes. Scandinavian design’s philosophy puts an emphasis on workmanship, materials, and clean lines, as well as rooms devoid of clutter and adornment in order to optimize light at every turn. Instead of filling precious space with bulky lamps or light fixtures, a simple yet elegant trick of Scandinavian design you can employ in your apartment is using candles.

But don’t mistake functionality for mundane - Scandinavian candles are beautiful pieces that draw the eye towards their Nordic charm. Teak New York has many exquisite examples of Scandinavian decorating solutions that can serve a function and be visually appealing, while at the same time not cluttering up your home. Our candles are a great way to decorate small spaces, provide lighting solutions, and will also make for a wonderful gift idea. Twisted Candles, Colored Candle Sticks, Candle Holders, and even Matchstick Holders - Teak New York is your one place for everything needed to set up your home in the Scandinavian tradition with imported Scandinavian candles and accessories. Here are 2 ideas for how to use them to brighten up your small space.

1. Scandinavian Candle Holder On a Shelf or Mantle

Scandinavian interior design embraces clean lines in its execution. This is an excellent way to make your small space appear more organized through symmetry, while also maximizing lighting and functionality. If your apartment or small space doesn’t already have a mantle, you can easily install a floating shelf or bookcase to display a Scandinavian candle holder. Try matching the shapes of twisted candles and a candle holder together or play with contrasting hues with colored candle sticks for added visual effect. Our matchsticks with an accompanying concrete match holder will also pair well beside it in neutral colors.

2. Enhance Your Dining Area

Our candlesticks can be used to great effect in your dining area. Cleanliness and orderliness are staples of Scandinavian design, and these candles can really enhance a dining table or breakfast bar when held with a Luna Tray. Monochrome colors will pull the look together, with white or off-white walls providing a clean and bright backdrop to let these white, gray, blue, black, or cream-colored candles and Luna Tray pop without overpowering the senses.

3. Add Coziness with Tealights

If you prefer the soft twinkle of tea lights instead of taller tapered candles, your best bet is the MUSH Hurricane made of solid brass in Denmark and mouth-blown glass from Sweden. Find all options for the candle holders here. STUDIO FEM designed this elegant candle holder with the inspiration of 1950s classic oil lamps. The MUSH collection comes in two sizes and in 5 delicate colors. They are produced locally at family-owned workshops in Denmark and Sweden. The mush candleholders are packed in an exclusive gift box designed by the artist Pernille Snedker.

Functional Elegance

Bad lighting and clutter are the banes of every apartment or small space dweller, but Scandinavian candles are a simple and beautiful way to solve both problems. You can create functional elegance inside of your home with our twisted candles, Scandinavian candle holder, matchstick holders, and colored candle sticks all in person at Teak New York in New York City or online at