A Brief Introduction to Scandinavian Interior Style

In the last century, the Scandinavian interior design style has won the hearts and minds of interior designers and home décor enthusiasts. One of the primary reasons many people are inspired to create this interior style in their houses is because of its ageless, immaculate, and calm appeal. The style is a perfect combination of iconic and tranquility. It embraces practicality and design and is purposefully crafted to create a warm and cozy environment that transforms the interiors of homes.

Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and Sweden make up Scandinavia, which is located in Northern Europe. The Scandinavian interior design uses a combination of textures and soft colors to make clean, modern décor seem warm and welcoming. It stresses clean lines, functionality, and useful, stylish, and pleasant furniture.

What are the defining features of a Scandinavian interior?

Clean lines, simplicity, utility, and subtle aesthetic are hallmarks of Scandinavian design. Its absence of clutter is one of the things that makes it so appealing. In Scandinavian-style rooms, there are no excess things. Decors and accessories are kept to a minimum and everything is perfectly organized.

The Scandinavian design aesthetic encourages light, airy environments with a subtle hint of mid-century modern.

Scandinavians also place a high emphasis on nature and the beauty of the outdoors. In Scandinavian homes, wood flooring is often left exposed, and lighter wood tones are common. Plants, of course, are a great addition for truly bringing nature indoors.

What is the color scheme of a Scandinavian interior?

Many Scandinavian hues are predominantly neutral, with bursts of black and tan. That's not to imply the style is devoid of color; rather, the overall interiors tend to be monochrome, with color accents. Also, a two-toned color combination is common in Scandinavian homes. These hues are the color of natural wood, and they're paired with a light, pastel, or beige backdrop.

Why is this style so popular?

The aspirational nature of this design style contributes to its popularity. The clean, bright environment generates a sense of serenity that a lot of people aspire to achieve. The idea of coming home to a house that's free of stress and clutter after a tough day at work is truly everyone's dream. On top of that, the philosophy behind the style is still relevant today, with an emphasis on workmanship, materials, and clean lines. Nordic interiors continue to focus on pale-colored walls and floors, as well as rooms devoid of clutter and adornment, in order to optimize light at every turn.

Is the Scandinavian design still trendy?

If there’s one design style that still continues to be relevant in this day and age, it is none other than Scandinavian. One of the reasons why it is so trendy, especially among millennials and young people is that it has straightforward and practical aesthetics. It is the best interior design style fit for a fast-paced lifestyle. Scandinavian interior style is easy to create regardless of where you are in the world. You don’t need to be in the Nordic regions to completely achieve Scandinavian living.

What could be more fulfilling than having a house that not only relaxes and soothes your mind but also revitalizes your spirit? It's easy to see why people are drawn to the basic yet refined beauty of Scandinavian aesthetics. Ready to go Scandinavian with your interior space? Our Scandinavian home goods and gifts are designed to help you live the Scandi-home interior dream. Check it out right here.