Fun Tips On Using Portable Lights Around The Home (Plus 4 Fantastic Lamps To Buy)

Updated: Apr 20

Never underestimate the flick of a switch.

The right type of lighting can make or break a room. It takes your ambiance from cold and dull to warm and inviting, plus it impacts your mood and even productivity levels. One fantastic way to brighten up your room is by using portable lights aka cordless lamps.

The cool part is — apart from functionality, your portable lights can double as decor! So, they’ll be providing ample light while complementing your interior design — or even making a statement of their own. In that regard, here are fun tips on using portable lights around the home plus 4 fantastic lamps to buy!

Go Bold With Colors

Eclectic, buzzing colors are becoming all the rage, and using bold-colored lamps is an excellent way to adopt this new trend. If you have a neutral color palette, a vibrant lamp will make a statement and act as the focal point. For bright-colored interiors, such a lamp will pose as an interesting way to play around with different hues.

If you’re on the hunt for a vividly-colored lamp, this Flowerpot Table Lamp is something you should check out. Our favorite is the mustard color, though there are eleven other options to choose from!

Radiate The Rustic Style

Rustic home decor helps introduce natural elements into your interior — and a nature-inspired lamp helps radiate this design style in a unique way. Whether you’re adding the finishing touch to your rustic living space or looking to add a hint of the design style in your otherwise contemporary home, a rustic-style lamp makes a stunning addition.

In that regard, portable lighting, such as a Como Portable Lamp, can provide just the outdoorsy touch you’re looking for. Its brown color looks like faux wood and its shape makes it seem as if you’ve planted a mushroom on your table!

Carry Around A Minimalist Cordless Lamp

Nothing beats the convenience of charging your Mediterranean-inspired, dimmable cordless lamp and carrying it from your living space to your (home) office desk. One source of portable lighting and usable in all parts of your home!

If you’re in for a Scandi-style lamp with a hint of traditional, the Lucca Portable Lamp is for you. It is sleek in design with a sanitized opal glass shell and keeps it neutral with its color palette. Plus, its lantern-like shape is just the perfect hint of tradition to this Scandinavian lamp.

Get Versatile With Your Portable Lighting

If you want something more than a table lamp, pick out pieces that are versatile and can serve greater purposes. For example, this Setago Rechargeable Lamp is ideal to use inside as a regular table lamp, while its diffused light can also help with task lighting. What’s more, you can even carry it outside to adorn your porch or garden table!

And with functionality becoming a full-fledged trend, such versatile pieces will keep your space updated with the latest upgrades in interior design.

Brighten Your Space With Portable Lighting

Nothing beats the convenience of portable lighting; it illuminates your room, doubles as decor, and can be carried around wherever you wish. This makes it worth the investment — and the four lamps featured in this article are a great place to start!