Home Decor Top Trends in 2022


Interior design was in top trend in 2021 with various innovative ideas. Many new interior design trends included more transitional designs. Many of the popular trends in 2021 will not be around for very long. As interior designers try to return to normal, 2022 will be an interesting year. It's still a new normal, and many people will continue to spend much of their time in their homes in the future. It doesn't matter if you're moving into a new house, renovating an existing one, or renting an apartment. It is important to select furniture, decor, and finishes that will not look out of date next year. These are the interior design trends that will be seen in 2022.

Colored Concrete

The current bathroom trends express personality and maintain a spa-like sense of serenity. Concrete is the answer. Concrete is the ideal material for this space because of its vivid colors, texture, and depth. Colored concrete is more popular than ever. It is being used in kitchens and on exterior extensions. In concrete, the pigment runs through the entire slab, so the marks won't show up if it chips. Soften up your concrete with your linens and candles along the vanity.

Sustainable Design

Seeing that the world is becoming more eco-friendly, it's only natural that new interior design trends focus on being environmentally friendly. Sustainability is a way to keep the environment as clean as possible. Take that into account when you're shopping for new home decor trends. To make sure you don't buy something you don't need, check out your local thrift stores first. A lot of Scandinavian furniture is built with the idea of sustainability and using long lasting materials. Even if you purchase something new, it can be used for many years.

Often, you don't even have to think about what fits in with the existing interior design trends to seek something that does. Eco-friendly: Some materials are also better for the environment than other materials. Choose woods that grow quickly like bamboo. Bamboo is harder and more moisture resistant than oak hardwoods.

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring isn't the 1970s stereotype of orange cork tiles. It is now back and better than ever. It's an eco-friendly and sustainable source, making it one of the most popular flooring trends in 2022. Available in many hues, it can be found in various colors. Cork is a natural thermal material that can provide heat insulation. It can also be used as an affordable alternative to underfloor heating.

Look At Reimagined Design Classics

We will be looking backward to find the comfort and security that familiarity provides, and we'll also be bringing new life to old pieces and transforming them into the 21st-century aesthetic. Looking at the design trends of Danish and Swedish furniture of the 1950s-1970s, many people are seeking works by Verner Panton, Arne Jacobsen, and Hans Wegner. Having a piece of classic design in your home will never be out of style.

Natural Textures & Materials

Slow living is a way to embrace simplicity and the calmness of nature. Use natural materials and tactile textures with a palette of calming earthy neutrals. This mindful home trend is thoughtful, balanced, and sensory stimulated. To further blur the lines between the outside and inside, use everlasting dried flowers, as well as dyed and dried grasses, these have relatively no maintenance.

We will see greater use of natural materials in 2022, from furniture to decorative elements available at Teak New York. In communal spaces such as the living room, we will see more calm and natural-inspired colors and textures. For design longevity, elements such as earthy textures, organic shapes, raw materials, greenery, and other natural elements will be key to a home's stability.

Connect With Nature and Bring the Outdoors Inside

Biophilic design is based on the belief that we should feel connected to nature even while indoors, working, resting, or playing. This means that there should be plenty of natural light and fresh oxygen in an architectural space. However, raw timber, concrete, and stone have their place alongside many indoor plants, fresh blooms, and foliage. Studies have shown that even images of nature can bring calmness to your space.

Checks And Stripes

Stripes, lines, and checks are already making an appearance, but this trend will be big in 2022. This trend is believed to be driven by interior designers' desire to restore order and calm in our homes following recent turmoil. This trend is easy to implement with smart decor choices. Look for throws, rugs, and artwork to give your space an elegant, symmetrical update that is contemporary, timeless, and pleasing to the eyes. The best part? This trend applies to all decor styles and in every room of your house.

Vibrant Colors and Active Brights

Recently, Colorado and Trend Forecasters WGSN collaborated to forecast five key colors that will be seen everywhere over the next year. Although the list includes some soothing neutrals, it is dominated by bright tropical colors and saturated hues. Bright fuchsia and saturated blues are rounded out with juicy orange. However, orange in all its forms, from dusty peach and amber to dusty coral, will soon be making its way into homes and offices. You can experience this trend through art, soft furnishings, statement chairs, or sofas. Or you could do it all and paint feature walls - which will also be making a comeback next season.

Monochrome Palette

Interior design trends of the moment embrace black and white. This season's interior design trends include black lighting fixtures, window frames, and furniture details. Although black and white patterns, accessories, decorative objects, and prints may have been introduced first through Scandinavian design styles, they are here to stay. Black walls are a modern, popular interior design trend. Bright white furniture can be used to offset the dark colors. These monochrome elements are bold and minimalistic to be used in all types of decors. Focus then on whites and shades of grey with pops of black accents.


Designers and users alike are embracing the latest interior design trends. Teak New York can help you get an idea of modern Scandinavian design trends. You can experiment with the latest trends to your heart's content!