The Best Scandinavian Designs for Small Spaces and Apartment Living

Scandinavian furniture has been popularized by the rise of minimalist living spaces. It features beauty, and function, while focusing on clean lines and simplicity. It is often made from wood, and uses natural materials to complement the wood. As of 2021, New York City apartments ranged from about 250 square feet to 850 square feet, with the average being around 550 square feet. That is decent, but not the most spacious, which is why functional, minimalistic Scandinavian is the perfect compliment to a smaller apartment space.

Teak, in New York City, offers an amazing selection of Scandinavian furnishings that can be the perfect solution to your space needs. Here are some beautiful options to maximize your living space without sacrificing style and sophistication.

Wall Shelf

This wall shelf system is 29.5” long, 8.6” wide, and 9.8” high, which is the perfect size for just about anything you want to store and display. The best feature of these beautiful shelves is that they can be stacked. This ability to stack them gives you freedom to create a custom space by adding as few or as many shelves as you need. Some options include:

● Next to a bed as a floating side table

● Stacked from floor to ceiling for books

● In the kitchen for dishes

The solid oak is beautiful in its simplicity. The clean lines look great with any modern interior design concept.

Coat Stand

Coat racks are arguably one of the most sophisticated things you can own. It shows your guests that they are welcome, and that you have a place to put their items so they don’t have to dump them by the door. This coat stand offers plenty of room for coats, scarves, sweaters, whatever. Plus, the design creates a perfect additional space to hang purses and backpacks without taking up coat space.

Wall Mounted Shelves

Bookshelves, and standing shelving units are really helpful and they add a touch of sophistication to a space. However, when dealing with a limited amount of apartment space, they can take up unnecessary floor space that may be needed for other, more important, things. That is why this wall mounted shelving unit is perfectly ideal for photos, plants, and small knick-knacks. It could even be used in the bathroom to store perfume, nail polish, and other smaller items.

Wood Side Table

When choosing furniture for a small space, it is important to figure out how you can use as little square footage as possible and maximize what you receive in return. This slender side table is a perfect example. It is 35” long, but only 17” wide so it can fit into small spaces easily. It is sturdy, so it can be used for other things and tall enough, at 28” that it can be used as a desk as well. The finishes come in white, black, and oak, and can be a compliment to any design theme.

Track Rack

Coats, purses, bags, scarves, and hats can take up a lot of space in a small area. When that happens it can make even the cleanest apartment look cluttered and horribly messy. This track rack can be used to hang just about anything, and the knobs can be adjusted closer or further apart based on need. The knobs can even be removed. Plus, the knobs won’t stretch or damage your clothing like a hook can.

Shoe Rack

Shoe racks are great ways to stay organized, and keep shoes in one place so they aren’t everywhere on the floor. However, traditional shoe racks still need to take up space on the ground. Which can be inconvenient with limited square feet. It features two wood cross bars that hold the shoes, and two metal brackets. The brackets are available in black and brass. The rack is available in large, and small. This elegant shoe rack shelf is the perfect solution. It keeps shoes off the floor, without taking up floor space. The small one can be placed between the support legs of the coat stand mentioned above to minimize space even more. It is made of sustainable materials, and the metal brackets can be recycled when the rack has reached the end of its life.

Book Keeper

One of the hardest things is to keep organized in a small apartment, but it is the most important or you end up with pure chaos. Which is particularly true if you are a lover of books, but are not sure how to display them without putting up a bulky bookshelf that takes up space? This book keeper can be placed on a table top and hold a decent amount of books. Keep one by your bed for late night reading, one on the coffee table for conversation pieces, and of course, you need one in the kitchen for cookbooks.

Teak New York: Apartment Living Made Simple

These are just a few of the ways that the simple beauty of Scandinavian furniture can not only compliment any apartment style, but also add extra storage for small spaces and apartments, while taking up as little space as possible. Which is one of the most important aspects when dealing with so little square footage. In a small space, it is often difficult to decorate, or accessorize your apartment or home. And that can make it difficult to be comfortable and happy in your own space. That’s why Scandinavian furniture is so ideal. Beautifully crafted pieces make you feel elegant, while also making you feel proud of your home, but not making you feel out of space and uncomfortable.

When you buy your Scandinavian furniture from Teak New York you have the versatility to buy online and have it sent to your home or it can be purchased at their retail location and taken home that day.