Tips to Decorate for Every Dining Space

Having a luxurious-looking home is one guaranteed way to increase your overall state of happiness. Whether your day out in the world was rough or successful, whether you are sharing your four walls with friends or family, furry or otherwise, or even if it’s just yourself, a beautiful home environment is a need for anyone living anywhere.

Tip #1 - Dining Table and Chairs

Let’s visualize the ultimate, modern dining area, for example. The dining table is the show-stopping center of any dining area. Scandinavian style typically features browns, whites, or blacks for heavy furniture such as the dining table. You will need to choose either a circular, square, or rectangular table in shape. Once you've decided on the shape, you'll have your set number of chairs. For circular, you'll need 4. Square can hold 2 or 4 chairs. If you have a larger gathering space, opt for rectangular to have 6-8 total chairs.

The chairs are where real artistic flair is apparent, and the chair's structure and base elements can make for a clean and chic-looking dining area. One of the best options for a dining chair is the Torso Dining Chair. Lisa Hilland, the designer, was inspired by the traditional hunter chair, with its frame in metal, seat in wood, and backrest in leather when designing her Torso chair. It is a comfortable and functional chair with an eye-catching backrest in plaited leather.

Tip #2 - Lighting

What is a dining area without a statement light fixture? This electric fixture is not only stylish but fully functional too. If you have the capability to wire a pendant or chandelier above the table, choose something fun! This also helps to draw the eye upwards, making the room feel a little bigger than it is. The difference between a pendant and a chandelier is the light direction. Pendant lights focus on providing down light to a table, where chandeliers give a full 360 degrees of light.

Teak has multiple options for a dining chandelier. If you want a soft look, check out the Knit-Wit Pendant. The knitted materiality of the Knit-Wit lights distribute light through the yarn’s pattern, making each lamp distinctive and decorative. The Knit-Wit family of lamps with their basic shape, warmth and lightness, range of sizes and wide color palette can easily and naturally find their place in any style interior. For a more modern look, check out the Flower Pot Pendant VP1.

If you don't have the option for a hanging light, you can opt for floor lights and table lights around the room. Consider a portable light to have right in the center of the table when you are entertaining. One of the most modern designs which is perfect for dining is the Como Portable Light.

Once the larger items are catered for, the world, or the dining room, is now your oyster.

Tip #3 - Small Decor

Beautiful touches with small items tie the room together. The style of your dishes and cutlery, carefully considered, can harmoniously continue the story already being told by the rest of the room. Porcelain and glass are the preferred material in Scandinavia. To decorate while entertaining, use a carafe for wine or water like the Fia Carafe. The accompanying crystal ball can be used as a stopper, or can nestle at the bottom of the vase, adding a vibrant touch of color.

Tip #4 - Soften it Up

Other pieces that can add that Scandinavian charm to your dining area are faux animal fur throws, neutral-colored seat cushions, and plants. Even the choice of fabric and textiles around the room is to be seriously considered to maintain the aesthetic. Any appliances that share the space ought to be minimalist and pastel or monochrome in color.

Candles are the perfect centerpiece for a dining table of any shape or size. Variation in candle holders and tapered candles can give a fun, bohemian feel. Handmade dip dyed candles like these are perfect for simple candle holders.

Tip #5 - Finishing Touches

Additionally, flaunt other pieces or items that fit within the style of the room as a neat bow to top it all. Paintings or pictures on the wall, a bare wooden floor, or jute/rope type rugs are just a few of the items that can add your personal touch to this iconic style.

Whether your space is small or big, there is something of the Scandinavian style for all types of homeowners and renters.