Woman-Owned and Operated

Welcome! I'm Caitlin.

I grew up in the Western Pennsylvania mountains, spending my childhood embracing the fall and winter seasons. I longed to see the world once I grew up. Through multiple years of schooling and careers, I landed in New York City. During my final semester of grad school at Sotheby's Institute, I decided to study abroad at their London campus. On weekends, I traveled the European continent and found myself getting off a plane in Oslo, Norway in September 2018. The moment I took a breath of the fresh, crisp air on the tarmac, my life was forever changed. I had a sense of inner peace that I can only describe as coming home. 


During those months, I was able to visit Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Iceland. I fell in love with the culture which I have now adopted as my own. I've wanted to share this aesthetic with friends and family, so I started Teak. Anything cozy, hygge, simple, and modern will do. You'll find a curated list of handmade items created by myself along with decor that I love from overseas. 

Graduating with two degrees from California University of Pennsylvania: a Bachelor's of Fine Arts and a Bachelor's of Art Education with a minor in Women's Studies, I have been a high school art teacher for four years between two schools. 


I continued my education at Sotheby's Institute of Art in New York City and London campuses, receiving my master's degree in Art Business with a concentration in Fine and Decorative Arts. I have worked various jobs in the design industry of NYC before starting my own home decor and gifts business, Teak. Now I am currently residing in Manhattan with my two cats: Snickers and Sammy.